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Drum Loop Library

Four twelve-hour days of recording nothing but drums at a Pachyderm Studios, the Alec Tackmann Drum Loop Library includes over 50 live performance sessions divided across eight volumes. Each session has a unique vibe with each set of drums tailored to its sound. Whether it’s a Gretsch stopsign 24” kick drum pounding underneath 1960’s A Zildjians, or a 1920’s Leedy kick drum with calfskin heads for a more delicate sound, they are all tracked in a room known for its amazing reverb most commonly heard on Nirvana’s In Utero.

The Alec Tackmann Drum Loop Library is engineered and mixed by Sonny Diperri. Each download includes stereo mixed loops for ease of use as well as accompanying unmixed multitracks if you prefer a do-it-yourself approach. In addition to the loops, each session will include a bank of stereo mixed one-shots of each drum and cymbal performed to create your own parts if needed. Lastly each session includes a tech sheet (also listed below) and photo of the kit setup for reference.

Enjoy high quality, musical drum loops for your next project that can be dragged and dropped into any audio recording program. Whether you are tracking for a professional release, or casually writing demos for your home studio, this loop library eliminates the often expensive headache of recording live drums.


ALEC TACKMANN Loop Library Volume One $49.95

93 stereo mixed loops, 93 multitrack unmixed loops plus 94 stereo mixed one-shots. Volume One spans eight performances on seven different kits. Recorded at the legendary Pachyderm Studios, this is A-list sound quality at a fraction of the cost. Loops are easy to assemble and move in any DAW. Just drag, drop and assemble as your song needs!

Enjoy one sample of each kit listed to your right, then click Direct Download for immediate, royalty-free purchase. Follow download prompt on receipt to begin 2.81GB download directly to your desktop.

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Alec Tackmann Loop Library Volume two

Volume two currently being edited. Sign up for the mailing list below to get notified when it’s ready!

Tech Specs

Pachyderm Studios Oct 2017
Performed by Alec Tackmann
Engineered and mixed by Sonny DiPerri

Granite Room

Overheads……Telefunken Elam 251
Snare Top……Neumann KM54
Snare Bottom……Sennheiser 442
Toms……AKG C12a
Kick…… Neumann Fet47
Neve 1064 Preamps
EAR 660 Fairchild compression on kick mic
Gain and EQ on Neve then through API console for more EQ then into ProTools

Main Room
Overheads……Neumann CMV 563s with M7 Capsules
Mono Room…… Royer 121 Ribbon
Toms…… AKG C12a
Kick…… AKG D12 and Heil PR40
Snare Top…… SM57
Snare Bottom…… Sennheiser 441
Front of Kit…… AKG C24 Stereo Tube Condenser
Room Mics Far Corners…… Neumann U47
Neve 1064, 1073, 1081, 1082
U47s compressed with Compex 760
Royer 121 compressed with Distressor
PR40 compressed with EAR660
Sent through API console for more EQ then into ProTools

ProTools with combination of Hybrid mixing. Basic plugins plus:
Kicks, snares & toms parallel compressed with Thermionic Culture Phoenix
Entire drum mix Overstayer M-A-S and Manley Enhanced Pultec EQs
Tracking with Digidesign 192 and HDX converters
Yamaha NS-10 Monitors
DynAudio Mains
Mixing with Antelope Orion interface w/ Mogami cabling

1976 Ludwig Vistalite 12” 16” 22” w/ clear heads no reso kick
1976 Ludwig Vistalite 24” w/ coated heads & felt (Bonham spec)
Gretsch Brooklyn 12” 14” 16” 22” w/ clear heads
1920’s Leedy 26” bass w/ calfskin heads
Custom 18” Maple bass drum no reso
Gretsch stopsign badge 13” 16” 24” w/ coated heads
Pork Pie mahogany 13” 18” w/ coated heads
1950’s Gretsch 22” bass w/ calfskin heads
Leedy mystery 22” bass that had been on fire apparently
3”x13” Black brass piccolo snare
8”x14” Pearl Free Floater maple
5”x14” Custom wood hoop snare w/ fiberskyn
5”x14” Ludwig Vistalite snare
6”x15” 1960’s Ludwig marching snare cut down
6.5”x14” Pearl Masters maple w/ coated CS
5”x14” Ludwig Acrolite w/ Ludwig heavy heads
5”x14” Ludwig Supraphonic w/ coated ambassador
5”x8” Mystery snare
5”x14” 1920’s Leedy mahogany steam bent snare
3”x10” Pearl maple snare

Istanbul Agop Om 22”, 20”, 18” 15”
Zildjian K 24” Light Ride
Zildjian A 21” Sweet Ride w/ rivets
Zildjian 20” Crash of Doom
Zildjian 16” K Light Hats
Zildjian 1960’s 20” crashes
Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversary 22” Ride
Zildjian Low Volume 18”, 13”
Zildjian 18” Breakbeat Ride
Zildjian 22” K Complex Dry Ride
Zildjian 16” CIE Hats
Zildjian 14” New Beat Hats
Pasha 1960’s Sizzle Ride

Keplinger Ching Ring
Morphbeats Tongue Head
Various bongo/congas/shakers
Sabian Thundersheet
Grover German Silver Tambourines

Tons of gaff tape and ibuprofen

Alec Tackmann


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